Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Trying to Get Back to Normal

I can't believe I haven't posted for another 10 days. Of course I don't have as much time now since I have to do everything myself. I do realise how much I relied on George now that he's not her any more. And I find I'm being more particular because I want to prove I can cope. Late this afternoon I swept up the leaves and cobwebs in the side passage, and then wiped the door and window ledges and frames. It has never looked so clean. As well as this, taking Jade on a couple of walks and running some errands, I also wrote an article for a law firm today,  and am trying to get back in the habit of writing every day. I really want to get back to posting here three times a week as well.

On Sunday I made a huge effort to get to a fun dog show with Jade. Fortunately it was in a Dorset village on a route I was familiar with, so I had no problem finding it in my 15 year old car, which now has a new clutch, and which I hope will continue to serve me for another year or so.

The dog show was fun, even though it was strange being there on my own with Jade. There were a number of familiar faces, and people and dogs to chat to. I entered Jade in just one class - best rescue dog. And was flabbergasted when we came out with first prize. Afterwards we paraded round our  neighbourhood with her red rosette pinned to her collar, and she is now known to the local dog loving fraternity as Princess Jade.

She also had her first professional photo shoot at the show, with a photographer who is a supporter of Pound Puppy Animal Rescue which had organised it. I thought it only fair to buy a print for £10. It's the close up I've added above. Although I can see on the A4 version that the detail of her fur and whiskers is well picked out, I'm not sure that the composition makes for a better photo than some I've taken myself. But heigh ho. It was all in a good cause.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Flowers for George

Some people still like to send flowers for a funeral, and a casket without a floral topping never seems right. I gave the flower option as well as one for charity donations to the British Heart Foundation. Sadly you can no longer pass on flowers to hospitals or hospices, so we collected George's on Wednesday, and they are now decorating my back garden.

I chose a woodland theme for the coffin spray, that sits nicely on the bench by the back fence.

 Jade managed to get a look in on this pretty posy.

Florists are so clever with their beautiful arrangements.

One gorgeous bunch filled two vases for my kitchen diner after I released it 
from the waterproof paper surrounding it inside a tall box.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Final Goodbye

Today lots of our family and friends got together to celebrate George's life and times and give him a lovely send off at Poole Crematorium. He's no longer around to object to his photo on my blog so here he is on holiday in Herefordshire with me a few years ago. There aren't many recent photos of him as he was really quite camera shy, and I often had to catch him unawares, Here he has just turned to respond to me calling him, and this is the pic I carefully cropped to use on the Order of Service.

I was very proud of his daughter who read out a lovely poem, and of my son, who read a tribute that gave everyone a picture of him over the years - not an easy task for either of them. It was wonderful also that so many people travelled many miles to join me in the last goodbye. He went out to the sound track of The Great Escape, which used to be one of his favourite films.

Monday, 25 August 2014


Unfortunately my hubby did not recover from all the complications that followed his stroke. I was with him when he passed away peacefully yesterday. I'm going to be lost and sad for a long time I know, but I'm glad his suffering is over, and he would have hated being disabled by his stroke, even if he had come home again.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Family Crisis

After the last lot of happy news, things are turned around again. In the early hours of last Thursday, my poor hubby had a heart attack and then, while he was being treated for that, he had a stroke. They told me it was all caused by blood clots. While his heart has hardly been damaged, he has lost the use of his right side and his speech is badly impaired. We're lucky he is still with us, but it's going to be a long road to recovery.

Naturally I'm spending a lot of time at the hospital with him. Meanwhile the neighbours are fighting over who will look after Jade and take her for lovely walks. Yesterday she was taken around Badbury Rings again. I think she is still pleased to see me when I collect her in the evening, even if she is just looking forward to her supper. It's so good to have her company in my empty house.

Monday, 11 August 2014

A Hectic Couple of Weeks

Hmm. Two weeks and five days since my last post. Sorry. I'm slipping. But it has been pretty hectic. I had to get all my July work finished and invoiced early and  get ahead with the early August stuff. And then I had two  happy but hectic weeks off. The first one was spent at Clover Cottage in Galmpton (which I highly recommend as a self catering option for that part of the world), a pretty village sandwiched between glorious Torbay beaches and the banks of the River Dart. I'll post more about that later.

While there I took a call from my friend from New York, whom I haven't seen for a few years. She was coming over for a flying visit to London and wanted to arrange to meet on Monday after I got back. She invited me to lunch at Galvin at Windows, which is the restaurant on the 28th floor of the Hilton in Park Lane, normally way out of my league.

So I was on the 9 am train and managed to get there before her and sit in the bar contemplating the incredible 360% views and looking forward to the complimentary bellini (reminder of my Venice trip). My friend looked well, and it was so good to see her. We thoroughly enjoyed our  catch up over a lingering meal with waiters hovering to fulfil our every wish. getting home was rather tedious. I missed the through train and had to change at four different stations. It was worth it though.

I was busy with domestic stuff the rest of the week and on Friday family arrived - my daughter with hers and her dog. My son will turn 50 tomorrow and his partner had organised a surprise party for him on Saturday night in a private room in a Bournemouth bar. I took my granddaughter over there by train and we got a lift back at 11 pm while the ravers continued partying till about 2.30. I think my boy had a ball, and his girlfriend did really well to organise it all in secret.

We also did some great dog walks over the weekend and Jade got much more active than usual running around with her pal, Rafi. They get on quite well now he's a bit older and doesn't hassle her to play indoors. We just have to keep them apart at feeding time. Jade is very jealous of her food.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Later Dog Walk

It's been so hot, we didn't take Jade for her afternoon walk till nearly 7 pm, and it was still baking up on the common above the beach. When we got down there, lots of dogs were in the sea, but Jade still won't get her feet wet.

In the photo, the car park is pretty empty, but this evening it was nearly full and I only just managed to get a slot. I had to drive because hubby had already had a couple of lagers. I hate driving him and he hates sitting in the passenger seat, so it isn't much fun. I always drive so much better when I'm on my own or with pretty well anyone else. Still we made it and had a slow meander round the circuit. I think everyone is glad to be home though. As I write I'm sipping a glass of white wine over ice. Bliss.

Next week we'll be away on our hols. I don't suppose we'll have this weather then.

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