Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Water in the House but the Carnival Show Goes on

I've been on my own for three days as the family have all gone to London for the weekend - it's bank holiday and time for the Notting Hill Carnival.

The pic is of one of the amazing floats in last year's carnival and was taken by David Sedleck√Ĺ

I expect the girls back later today. The weekend has been good for me. I've found out how much more I can do after being spoilt so much following my operation, so they will come back to find all their laundry washed and pressed. I've also driven the dogs out to the start of some great walks, although they are still a bit shorter than I used to do. And it has all been paced with rests in between and decent meals.

I had a shock one night last week though. Woke up at 4 am to hear water dripping. It was coming from a corner of the boiler cupboard which is in my lovely new bedroom in the garage conversion. Fortunately it was dripping into the waste bin and not on the new carpet. I got a bowl underneath it and put a tea towel in to muffle the sound, but lay in bed listening and waiting until morning when I could call the builder to check it out. We'd had some torrential rain in the night but it  did stop in the early hours and eventually so did the drip. When the builder returned my call I told him it was not so urgent and he came this morning to investigate. He found some loose brickwork below the flat roof and a choked gutter, cleared out the gutter and will return later in the week to redo the bricks. Should do the trick, as another £100 bites the dust. (Note to self - check if home insurers will cough up). I'm still luckier than my dog groomer though, whose house was in 10 inches of water after a storm earlier in the year, and is still not properly dried out.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Stage 1 is Over

Here I am again. The bad penny is back.

Two weeks ago, my dear daughter and gorgeous granddaughter moved in with me. The following Friday I had my right kidney and its tumour removed. The Monday after that I came home. It's amazing what can be done with keyhole surgery these days, and how you can recover quickly. I now await decisions on the next stages of my cancer treatment.

My sleeping quarters have been moved downstairs to the garage conversion with its en-suite. Couldn't be more convenient. My girl is looking after me and being a real mother hen. Wednesday afternoon saw me sitting outside a Boscombe beach hut to celebrate my son's birthday and watch all the beach fun.

But this weekend I'm having some quiet time while the family are out with friends. This is what Eryn got up to yesterday afternoon while I was snoozing at home.


Sorry I don't know how to make this live on the blog. It's worth a look if the link works or you can copy the url which I got from Facebook. Eryn is wearing the red jacket and the other flyer is her friend who is visiting us.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Health Problems

So. I am sick, with some nasties growing inside my torso. I guess they are going to get me in the end, but the medics are determined to prolong things with surgery and new drugs. I shall go along with this because I really want to be around for the next few years with my daughter and granddaughter living here, and my son and partner not far away. And I'd like to see more of my older granddaughter and the great-grandees. The youngest is a year old today.

And I want more time with Jade. She is progressing well after her op. I rook her for physiotherapy this afternoon and the therapist was really pleased as she hadn't seen her for two weeks. Next Monday week she has her follow up consultation with the surgeon.

In the pic she is sitting at my feet as I perch on an upturned boat at our harbour
beach. We can go there again now as long I take her in the car, lifting her in and out, and she doesn't walk for more than 15 minutes. She has a sandy nose from all the sniffing and snuffling she's been doing, and she's looking at me as if to say, 'what are you doing sitting there. Come on. Let's get going.'

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Solace in the Garden

Jade had keyhole surgery 2 weeks ago, and some loose bone was removed from her right front elbow. The vets looked at the other leg with an invasive camera but found no work to be done there. I collected her the same afternoon and spent some days lifting and carrying her, but she is back on her feet now, and it's hard to stop her jumping on the furniture and getting into the garden to chase cats. Hopefully she'll soon be her old self, but in less pain. But for the next month I'll still have to carry her upstairs at night. I was so worried about carrying her back down without mishap that I devised a novel way of doing it, with her sitting on my lap as I slide from step to step on my bottom. Picture that, and have a giggle. It works, though.

Unfortunately, I've had a health scare myself and have to have more hospital tests this week to find the extent of the problem. Fingers crossed it's not too bad. I'm getting very tired so have to pace myself and rest in between jobs.

In the meantime the house project continues with lots of help from my family.My daughter has been here for a week to remove the last items from my old office and paint it. I've ordered a carpet and, when that is laid, I can turn it into my new bedroom. We bought some shelving for the new study area and I'm starting to fill it, but still have lots of stuff lying around in boxes.

The garden was badly neglected over the winter, and I thought the frost had killed off the arum  lily plant. But it has come back with three beautiful flowers.

The one at the bottom has been nibbled by something, but the other two are pretty well picture perfect.

The beetle thinks so too. Can you see him in the bottom picture?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Jade and the House

Jade now has a firm diagnosis - some degeneration in part of the bones in her elbows. She'll be having keyhole surgery next Monday to remove bits that are grinding together and causing pain on weight bearing. I brought her home yesterday afternoon, still rather sleepy and subdued after the anaesthetic for the scans, but otherwise ok.

With everything else going on I haven't had time to update you on the house changes, but the sideboard has been cleared, cleaned and put up for sale on Gumtree. It seems there is a market for retro 1960s G plan style furniture. If it doesn't sell it will go to a charity.

Everything from inside it has been sorted. A lot just went into the bin. Some will be off tomorrow to the Pound Puppy Animal Rescue for fundraising. They are also going to have all the books that have sitting on Green Metropolis for several years - I've just discovered that, sadly, that website has closed down. A few other items I may try to sell myself. Anyway, I now have my dining table back and ready for use. Compare the pic below with the one in last Wednesday's post

Monday, 11 May 2015

Jade is in Doggie Hospital

Today I took Jade to the specialist vet she was referred to, and I decided to leave her overnight as they didn't have time to complete all the tests and scans today. I could have taken her home and come back in the morning, but I'd have had to punch through all the peak time traffic to get her there by 8 am, so this is easier for me. Apparently she is getting lots of fuss made of her and is making lots of friends, but I worry about whether she will eat for them as she is a fussy eater. I had to starve her this morning and she won't be able to eat again after midnight, but I suppose a couple of days won't hurt too much.

I'm not feeling too good myself actually - another reason for not bringing Jade home and having to get up at the crack of dawn. Rather nasty cold symptoms with painful throat and neck. Making me very tired as well so I hope I can stop worrying about Jade, get an early night and have a good sleep.

I expect a call in the morning to give me an update and be able to collect her when she has recovered from the anaesthetic in the afternoon. Looking forward to the welcome I'll get then and praying for her in the meantime.

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