Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wild Weather Takes its Toll

Slight setback healthwise this week as I caught the cold that's been going round the house. No surprise there, but as my immune system has been affected by the cancer drugs, it hit me rather harder and I've spent a lot of time sleeping.

I did get out one day though and there was a dramatic change in the sea within the harbour. One day it was like a millpond and the next day it was like this and right over the promenade. The wind was enough to take our breath away at times.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Puppy Love

I want that lap.

No, I want that lap.

Oh well, I suppose we can share.

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Missing Spectacles

Big panic today. I couldn't find my spectacles when it was time to take the dogs out to Hamworthy Park, and I have to drive to get there. In the end I went without them - it's ok, I can see well enough to drive. Then I went to the singing group and was unable to read the words of new songs which were displayed on  a screen. I just had to hum. Here's a pic of us all from last week, which includes me plus glasses. We were presenting a cheque to our charity of the year, having collected the grand sum of £400 donated at our sing-outs. I'll tell you more about the charity in another post.

My specs have just turned up. No wonder I couldn't find them. When I made my bed this morning I left them under the duvet. Not sure why I looked there. My subconscious mind must have remembered. Glad I didn't sit on them by accident.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Back to Work

I do love Constant Content. They emailed me yesterday asking if I would write for them again. It galvanised me, so I picked an article to claim and write for a client. It took me a couple of hours - a bit longer than it should to make it worthwhile, but I haven't lost my touch. The editors accepted it immediately. I just hope the client does too.

Apart from blog posts, letters and emails, this is my first piece of writing for about a year. I could do with a bit of pin money as we've had lots of expenses that have been eating into my savings, so I'll probably make it a habit again now.

And we have just booked a week in lovelyTorquay at Easter time.

pic by Derek Harper

Monday, 18 January 2016

Cliffs of Colour

On Saturday we all took the chain ferry so we could walk the dogs on Studland's South Beach, and we saw these beautiful multi-coloured cliffs again. These colours of nature contrast beautifully with the lush green of the vegetation, even at this normally drab time of year. We were all spellbound.

We had hoped to have lunch at the nearby Bankes Arms inn, but we'd spent so much time on our walk that we were too late, and it was packed to the gills. Instead we drove home via Corfe Castle and Wareham, had a warming toastie snack and then opted for a Chinese takeaway in the evening. That's a real treat for Eryn as she loves it.

It was the start of a really pleasant weekend that continued as we were joined by friends for a very convivial Sunday roast and a few bevvies the next day.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Enjoying the Winter Sun

After the funeral we attended yesterday, a walk on the beach in the winter sun was just what the doctor ordered. The dogs thought so too and were frolicking around like puppies. We parked at Branksome Chine and walked almost to Canford Cliffs before turning around. The beach was mostly populate by other dogs taking their owners for a frolic. And one lone swimmer in a wetsuit was keeping pace with us in the water as we moved along the sand.

Jules took a video that you can see on my Facebook page.

Friday, 8 January 2016

The Wind Beneath my Wings

Today I went to my singing group for the first time for several weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Today we started to learn a beautiful new song. Here is the Bette Midler version.

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