Friday, 12 December 2008

A Busy Day

Not much time to write anything today, including this blog. But I don't want to miss my Friday blog slot so I thought I'd just give you a run down on my day.

First was cleaning the house, then finding the Christmas decorations. Fortunately hubby came in for lunch as I was getting really frustrated having emptied out all the store cupboards in vain. I did find some things that had been missing for ages, but no Xmas decs. So we got out the loft ladder and climbed up there. And there they were, in a black sack inside a box.

My efforts are a bit minimal this year. We bought a tiny blue spruce growing in a pot, so we'll be potting it on after the holiday. It's about 2 foot tall, perhaps a little less. So I put it on a coffee table next to a mirror, put the lights around it and then up and over the mirror. it looks quite good. Perhaps I'll take a pic to show you next week.

Once I'd finished those minimal decorations to my satisfaction, I started chopping vegetables for the first of my curries. I made three altogether: Jean's special veggie; a lamb madras; and a chicken and mushroom dopiaza, the last two with shop bought sauces so really easy.

It's all in aid of my supper party tomorrow night. Hubby wanted curries and I don't know exactly what my guests will like so I've made some options, including a beef casserole for someone I know doesn't like anything spicy.

We'll have loads left. Numbers have dwindled a bit. Brian from next door called in earlier to give apologies: his wife is sick and I don't think he'll come without her. Maybe I'll offer him takeaways.

Not that it matters. What's left will freeze and I'll have some cooking free days in the next week or so.


Jena Isle said...

Lamb madras sounds delicious Jean. Happy holidays!

Joanne Olivieri aka jodapoet said...

Well you certainly have been busy though your dinner party sounds yummy. Thanks by the way for the comment on my blog. I enjoy and visit yours daily through at least one of or all three of my blogs.

jakill said...

Thanks Joanne. I love your poems and your photos, too. And now I've visited your profile and connected you with the other two blogs. I really admire you for juggling that many blogs and keeping to the fascinating themes.

We had a good evening on Saturday and my neighbour recovered enough to join us and stay till well after midnoght.

Joanne Olivieri aka jodapoet said...

I'm glad your dinner party went well. Thanks for the compliments. I just started blogging about two months ago and now I'm obsessed. It's a blog addiction :)

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