Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dream Homes in Paradise

If I was fabulously wealthy, I might be tempted to buy a dream home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This website, Paradise Valley Real Estate, makes them all look so gorgeous.

I wouldn’t have to go away for holidays. Everything for my leisure would be there on my doorstep. I’d have my own pool and sun terrace, could take more exercise at the nearest golf course and spend evenings relaxing over a glass or to of wine taking in the mountain views. If only I had upwards of $2 million to spend, I could be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mike Tyson, Erma Bombeck or Dan Quayle, who are just a small selection of the celebrities that make it their home.

Most of the houses were originally custom built for their first owners. The one I really like overlooks the Paradise Valley Country Club golf course. It is in the low to mid price range at $5,300,000 with three bedrooms and bathrooms in the main house, plus a guesthouse with two more beds and baths. It also has a five car garage. The website gave me a slideshow of its spacious rooms and outlook. If I registered, The Holm Group, who own the website, also offered free access to its new MLS Virtual Mapping system, with 2D and 3D views of the property.

Paradise Valley supposedly got its name, because in the spring, it displayed a riot of wild flowers.

Oh well, we can all dream, I suppose.


Jena Isle said...

It is a dream paradise, I do hope I could visit sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing.

jakill said...

Cheers Jena - I hope you get your wish.

Sheila said...

I had a friend who lived in Arizona for three years "surrounded by desert" as she put it. She was less than enthusiastic, but a pale English flower probably wouldn't flourish there. Nevertheless, it's a place I'd like to visit some day.

jakill said...

Yes Sheila - you'd have to be prepared for the views to be stark, with their own kind of beauty. But the lifestyle looks fantastic.

sri said...

Great post.. Nice blog to drop by.. Hope i will do it quite often.. Do visit mine and share your views.. keep in touch..

jakill said...

Sri - thank you for letting me know you dropped by. I found your blog really interesting too.

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