Sunday, 15 May 2011

A Poem About Stuff

I'm hard put to find time for anything other than clearing my backlog of work at the moment.  Blogging has, unfortunately, slipped right down the to do list.  Trying to stop thinking about work over a snack lunch, I started browsing Pam Ayres poems in her anthology, The Works.  I found one that describes my house and life at the moment an thought I'd share it with you quickly. Fortunately Google found it on another blog for me so I could copy a bit  and direct you there to read the rest if you wish.  Here goes:

Heaps of Stuff

How I wish that I was tidy
How I wish that I was neat
How I wish I was methodical
Like others down our street.
I tried to stem the rising tide
I tried to hold it back
But I have been the victim
Of a heap of stuff attack.

Yes, heaps of stuff come creeping,
They clutter up the hall.
And heaps of stuff are softly
Climbing halfway up the wall.
At each end of the staircase
Is a giant heap, a stack;
One to carry up the stairs
And one to carry back.

In a heap of stuff invasion
They settle everywhere —
They grovel on the lino
They tower on the chair.
You're searching for a jacket,
'Is it in here?' you shout,
And, opening the cupboard door,
A heap of stuff falls out.

Read the last four stanzas here.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I live with the same monster.

aw said...

Seems Pam Ayres has paid us a visit. How, those heaps do multiply - especially when you are actually clearing up. And have you noticed, when looking for a single sheet of paper you can create a mountain of paper behind you.

aynzan said...

My house is not that bad ..but is cluttered with toys and books here and there..I love this poem.Thanks for sharing..

jakill said...

Joan - Welcome to the club.

Ann - you are so right. My NT carsticker is somewhere in a pile. I couldn't find it, so car parking cost me £3 on Sunday.

aynzan - you'r welcome. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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