Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Visiting London

When I go to London I am lucky because I can stay at my daughter's house and take a 20 minute train journey to the centre.  Sometimes though, I wish I could actually stay where the action is and just have to step outside to be in the thick of it. Although I lived there for over 25 years, there are still bits of the metropolis I'm not familiar with, and I often discover places to see there on the blogs I visit. Much has  changed in the years since I moved out too. Here's a pic I took last spring of the avenue of blossom trees leading to the London Eye on the South Bank of the River Thames.

Have you enjoyed a visit to London in the past? Would you come agan? Do you want to visit London for the 2012 Olympics? Thousands of people want to be there soaking up the atmosphere even if they don't have tickets for the events, so if you are among them, you need to be sorting out your accommodation now.

People who can help are Robert and Polly Arnold, a couple who have been bringing up their children there, and making it their business to help visitors have the best possible experience of their city. They'll book London Apartments and offer lots of advice about what to see and where to eat, and so on. It's good to have a home from home you can relax in with your family and soak your aching feet after walking around the sights of London all day.

The Arnolds help businesses too, because London is a vibrant business centre where important meetings are held and crucial deals are negotiated. Business's often find it's cheaper and more convenient to put their people up in decent London Apartments, rather than fork out London hotel prices.

I can't keep away from London for long. I'll be there again this November. When will you be there?


When I am Rich said...

I enjoy day trips to London - love the museums, art galleries, parks etc. - but being a tourist is completely different from living or working in the capital. My daughter commutes to work there. She's young and thinks it's exciting. I'm older and would hate having to struggle through those crowded underground stations every day!

I imagine any Londoner with a spare room or two is considering renting them out as tourist accommodation for the Olympics next year. I'll be watching on TV!

jakill said...

I did the commute for a few years, also commuting by air to offices around the Uk and Europe. Soemtimes it didn't seem to take much longer to getto the Newcastle office than it did to get to the London one. I'm glad all that's behind me, but I still like to go and visit.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I've never been there, and probably won't make it.

Jenny Woolf said...

I live in London and it is changing all the time. Even if you visited a few years ago, it's different now! but I might leave town for the Olympics, I'm not in the least bit interested in sport!

Cheap Hotels in London said...

i live London 2 years.London is nice place for live there.

jakill said...

Thanks for comments Joan, Jenny and Cheap Hotels.

Anonymous said...

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