Friday, 3 February 2012

My Life by Jade - Waiting

I do know my mummy loves me but she can be irritating, you know. Everyday she keeps me waiting so many times.

When I wake up in my bed in the morning, I have to WAIT for her to wake up too. If I start to get desperate I jump up on her side of the big bed with my front paws. That wakes her up but sometimes she can be cross about it, and tells me I have to WAIT a little longer. Usually though, she gets out of bed, and then I have to WAIT again while she goes to the bathroom and again while she puts on all her clothes. Big sigh!

Finally she goes downstairs and I can follow her. And then, would you believe, she has to put on even more clothes and her big boots while I WAIT for her to open the front door so I can go outside. I really want to get to the grass at the end of the road so I pull mummy along until we get there and she'll let the lead extension go, so I can find the right spot to have my first wee of the day. What a relief.

After that I have to sit and WAIT at the kerbside until mummy says we can cross the road to the big park. Then I have to WAIT again while she fumbles around on my collar to let me off the lead, so I can run around. I tell you, it's all about waiting, all the time.

The poo bin is right at the end of the park by the road, and mummy makes me come close and sit and WAIT again, while she puts my bag of poo in the bin. I think she's scared I'll go on the road if she takes her eyes off me. Sometimes it's tempting if there's a cat on the other side, but I do know really that I'm not supposed to run into the road.

After that it's time to go home for breakfast, an would you believe, I have to WAIT till everyone else has had theirs before I get any. It's the same at dinner time, but I don't mind because mummy puts some delicious leftovers in with my kibble, and if I had mine first, there wouldn't be any of them.

Then I have to WAIT to get into my other bed in my office when mummy starts work in there. And in the afternoon I have to WAIT to go out for my longer walk, and WAIT in the car while mummy and daddy are in the shops. And in the evening I still have to WAIT for mummy to leave the office and go and sit with me in the lounge. Then she's never ready for bed at the same time as me, and we have to go out again before that, and it's all just WAITING, all the time.


dogs circle said...

hurry and WAIT. what a cute post this is, love the photo too

jakill said...

Thank you for your visit and comment Jazevoz (hope that's right). I've been looking at those peanut butter and banana cookies, thanks to visiting your blog.

Sharkbytes said...

Maggie agrees with Jade, but she's getting more impatient in her old age.

jakill said...

Perhaps that's what we have to look forward to, Joan.

When I am Rich said...

Poor Jade, she has such a hard life!

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