Saturday, 31 March 2012

Dogs Benefit from Writing Too

When I checked  my emails this morning I found another article of mine had sold at Constant Content. I love it when I get an unexpected sale like this. It was one I had only written and submitted on Thursday so it was doubly gratifying. It had been accepted by the editors there on Friday and I didn’t have to change anything before it went into my portfolio, then it was gone again before the end of the day.

I don’t get much time for CC articles these days as I have so much other client work. It’s funny but now that I am supposed to be retired, I have more work dropping into my lap than ever before. I get a list together at the beginning of each month and work through it to meet all the deadlines.  After that I can write whatever I like, although sometimes, like last month, I choose to research and write for a specific request. That one sold very quickly as well, while the two I managed to submit at the end of January are still sitting in the CC catalogue.

Anyway, my writing income is making life more comfortable for hubby and me in our retirement. And it means it doesn’t matter if my son is out of work, because he lives with us and I can support him. He does agency work on construction sites when it’s available, and there is often a hiatus between assignments.

It also means that Jade can have some treats.  She is going to the dog groomer on Tuesday, although I’m not sure if she will class that as a treat. I have been trying to snip out the knots in her coat when I find them, and to keep the fur around her feet cut short.  Now she will be clipped all over so no more knots for a while. I’ll take some pictures to share when it’s done.

We didn’t have the hassle of so much white fur with our lastdog who can be seen here. He was a gorgeous smooth haired staffie who broke our hearts fifteen or so years ago when he contracted cancer and eventually had to be euthanized at the age of eight. Let’s hope we have many more years than that with Jade.


Sharkbytes said...

Wow... I'm impressed with your success at CC. I signed up long ago, but never had much luck at all.

jakill said...

Thanks Joan. I'm sure you could do well there if you persevered. It does take patience; took several months of submitting for me to earn anything. But then it snowballed. I've submitted 190 articles and had 129 sales. I've always found I sell more when I have the time to submit more.

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