Friday, 9 November 2012

Lost Gardens of Heligan: Part III

Before we left the gardens, I was determined to see what was in the North Gardens area. Hubby had had enough but I had recharged my batteries in the cafĂ©, so he agreed to take Jade back to the car and wait for me provided I wasn’t too long. I just had time for a quick gallop around, to see and take some photos of:

the ravine

the Italian garden

the flower garden, unfortunately looking somewhat bare in October

the crystal grotto, with its circular stone seat which only my camera
could see with its flash. It was pitch dark when I peeped in.

the northern summerhouse,

and its views out to sea.

In case you missed them, here are the links to my posts on the Lost Gardens of Heligan; Part I and Part II.


Linda D said...

A quick gallop around? I'd have happily spent a day there!

jakill said...

I cu;d have doen that too, Linda, but unfortunately I wasn't alone. and it was a long walk home if the car hadn't waited for me.

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