Friday, 19 April 2013

Blog Posting Habits

I really admire people who manage to post on their blog every day. Look at John Sealander’s Some Assembly Required  and Joan Young’s My Quality Day, for example. I can’t even read blogs every day, let alone write mine, but I catch up with them and others a couple of times a week.

Some of my writing pals have actually committed themselves to a daily stint with the A-Z Challenge. They are now up to P so over half way. I recommend Bob’s Home for Writing (Bob is even posting while unwell at the moment, and I wish him well soon) and David Robinson’s blog – David is managing to promote his published books via the A-Z Challenge. I’m interested to see if he can keep that up all the way through the alphabet. He’s a fantastic writer, by the way, and I am an avid collector of his work.

For myself, I try to publish a post three times a week and usually manage that, but have been known to slip. My work is mostly ghost writing so I can’t promote it, except for articles  for sale at Constant Content, or pieces published under my byline on other sites such as Travel Through History.  That reminds me I haven’t visited that blog for a while – Ruth’s travel blog is not updated daily either, but that won’t stop me hopping over to take a look.


Julia Hones said...

I also admire people who blog every day. I don't blog every day, either and I don't intend to do so. I pay more attention to the quality of my blog and I try to make sure that there is something meaningful to say. I enjoy reading your blog.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Julia

Thanks for your comment, and sorry it has taken me so long to reply. i like reading your blog too.

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