Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dogs, Weather and Christmas

Just back from a walk along Rockley Beach. The car park was pretty empty when we arrived, rather like in this September photo, but without the blue sky and fishermen on the pier. The only people around seemed to be dog walkers. Most people are snuggled up indoors because the weather is pretty beastly.

Yesterday the rain tipped down all day. Jade opted  out of her afternoon walk. When we got ourselves ready and I got out her raincoat, she remained on the settee and wouldn't even stand up for me to put it on. I reckon she was telling us that we mad humans could go out there if we wanted and she would stay home. In the end we left her and just went to get our shopping. She was still in the same position when we got back, but deigned to accompany me round the block at four o'clock when the rain eased off a bit. Judging by the pile of poo I had to pick up from the grass verge, she had no option then.

Today she was happy to come to the beach after lunch. It wasn't raining when we went out, just very windy, but on the way back to the car we got caught in a downpour, so at home I had to get out the hairdryer to help Jade get dry. At least I did one side of her because the other was tucked into the back of her bed in the office while she lay there basking in the warm air. Her ears are the most difficult bits of her to get dry. Even the hairdryer doesn't help them much, but Jade loves it and lifts her head so that the warmth hits her chest where she's not even wet. 

Tomorrow we're having our first Christmas celebration with my son and his girlfriend as they won't be here on the big day. I finished  putting up the decorations this morning. Everything Christmassy seems to be taking twice as long as usual this year. My age must really be catching up wth me, or perhaps I forget what it's like year after year.

In case I don't manage to post again before the big day

Happy Christmas Everyone 
or whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year.


Linda D said...

On days like these I'm quite glad I haven't got a dog! I managed a quick walk round the village yesterday between showers but made do with indoor exercising today (mostly running up and down stairs).
Happy Christmas!

Bob Scotney said...

Marry Christmas, Jean and a Happy New Year.

Jenny Woolf said...

Happy dog! And Happy Christmas to you too!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Rain is not fun when it's cold. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

Paola said...

I just love the peaceful spots you show us in your blog! Happy Christmas and all the best for 2014...

Ann said...

Hi Jean, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. It's always a pleasure to see new faces
Can't say that I blame the dog for not wanting to go out in the rain. My dog seems to always want to go out more when it's raining. Personally I think he's just trying to trick me into getting up off the couch

Jean Knill said...

Thanks for your comments and good wishes everyone.

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