Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Battered Railway

I'm not going to be able to get to my home town by train for the forseeable future. Take a look at the \BBC's video on what has happened to the railway line at Dawlish since yesterday. And this is what it was like on the street below the railway.

I'd been hearing about the battering that Devon and Cornwall has been having and wondering how things were going with my family down there. I was just about to call my sister when she rang me this morning. They have been lucky so far. Their house is on a hill in Torquay and apart from a few slates lifting in the wind, there's no damage so far. Many people have it far worse. They are describing last night's storm as hurricane-like.

It was bad enough here and quite scary out in the local park with Jade this morning with the wind blowing the tree branches hither and thither above our heads. This afternoon there was lull in the rain and hubby volunteered to take Jade out so that I could get on with more work. They were soon back though. He said he had driven into the car park at Hamworthy Park and found it an island surrounded by water. The sea had covered the grass and all of the paths with about a foot of water. It was well up the sides of all the beach huts so there will be plenty of damage left behind when it recedes. And Jade didn't get her walk, so I will now get kitted up and take her for a stroll around the block so we can both get some fresh air, even if it's not true exercise.


Frances Evesham said...

This weather's frightening. We're in Somerset, though a couple of miles from the floods. Looks like the world ends in Exeter for a while. Some people are really going to be struggling to get back on their feet. It's like foot and mouth again, isn't it, poor souls.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Frances. Somerset has had it worse because of the length of time the levels have been affected. All the south west has been hit this time. I don't think you can get in or out of Portland from Weymouth in Dorset because waves are coming over the spit between them. Everything is going to seem different when all this is over - if it ever is.

Linda D said...

Horrendous! Gale force winds and lots more rain than usual here in the Cambridgeshire fens but thankfully the drainage system of rivers and ditches has been well maintained. There are some flooded fields, but towns and villages have been kept dry.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...


Jenny Woolf said...

This is very frightening, although living in London we are protected from the worst of this - it would be a different story methinks if the capital was putting up with all this. Not so much fobbing off then about dredging rivers. I hope your family remain OK and my heart goes out to those in Somerset and the west country.

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