Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Life by Jade: Grooming

My mummy is having more and more senior moments. She forgot to ask me to write this for her to post it yesterday, so it’s a day late. Sorry about that. The other day she forgot our grooming routine and I had to go and get her out of the office to do it half way through the morning. It meant I didn’t get my treat for being a good girl until nearly lunchtime!

Ever since I had my teeth scaled at the vets, we’ve had this new grooming routine after breakfast.  It’s good because everything gets done at once and there’s no chance of forgetting to do any of it. At least, that’s what mummy says.

Mummy collects what she needs on a tray and when I see her get the tray out I go and lie on my bed, and daddy puts a chair in front of it for mummy to sit on. First she cleans my eyes with a wet tea bag – she was told to do this by the vet because my eyes weep a lot. Daddy teases me about this, saying I’m a cry baby, but I’m not crying really. If it’s not done regularly the hair under my eyes gets all stuck together and hard.

Then mummy has to clean my teeth, which she says is easier said than done because I’m not that keen on her fingers in my mouth, but I do like the taste of the toothpaste. She uses her fingers to make sure it gets where it should. After that she puts a little bit on a baby toothbrush and sticks that in my mouth as well. After that she has to bathe around my mouth with salt water on cotton wool and dry it with a paper towel.

Finally she has to brush all the tangles out of my ear hair, and give me a brush all over – at least the bits she can reach when I’m lying down. I have to admit that one side gets more brushing than the other.

After I’ve put up with all that, I think I deserve a treat, don’t you?


Sharkbytes said...

Of course you deserve a treat, but I'll bet you like the brushing.

Jean Knill said...

Yes Joan. I like to be brushed, but I don't much like the untangling of my ear hair.

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