Monday, 13 April 2015

Jade Likes the Beach

Jade and I are alone again. After the last of my visitors left yesterday, Jade was really upset. I didn't realise until it was her dinner time and she wasn't interested in her food. Hunger got the better of her though. She picked at it during the evening and it was all gone by 9.30. She's back to normal this morning and breakfast disappeared in a flash.

Her limp is getting better, though still in evidence, so I haven't been walking her far. But yesterday morning we went for a final walk on Sandbanks Beach with Eryn, her mum and a friend, and of course, Rafi. Jade was overjoyed and ran and played a bit, though not as enthusiastically as Rafi.

It was a day for meeting other cavvies. These dogs always recognise their own breed and run towards each other with tails wagging away. We met at least half a dozen of them in ones and twos, which was quite unusual.

Eryn forgot to bring her jacket, although she had been reminded before we got in the car. She insisted that she wasn't cold, even though the air was distinctly chilly in the wind. She probably just wanted to show off her new T-shirt.

Anyway. it's back to solitary walks for me and Jade now.

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