Monday, 28 April 2008

The Writing Habit

I’m a little off colour today. I swam at a new pool yesterday and hubby said he thought I might have swallowed some of the water, which upset my tum.

I did manage to get my car to the garage for its MOT. Passed thank goodness, so that’s that for another year.

Then I spent most of the day doing research for an article on Liverpool as the European City of Culture. I’ve also started drafting, but it’s slow work when I’m feeling like this.

To be honest, since I started my gallivanting around the country at the beginning of the month, I’ve taken so much time off writing, it’s hard to get back into the habit of turning out articles every day. And now that we’ve had some better weather, it’s been really easy to excuse myself because of spring cleaning jobs and gardening that needs to be done.

This has cut my submissions to Constant Content by more than half this month, although it doesn’t seem to have affected my sales, and I’ll still be getting paid. That’s one of the joys of the site. It may be disappointing when your work doesn’t get selected by the customer it was aimed at, but if you apply a little patience, someone else will be along to snap it up later.

That reminds me, I was going to review what I still have for sale and the prices I originally set, which might have been related to someone’s related budget and could be revised for a more general market.

I’d better hop off to CC.


Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

It's amazing how easily we can get knocked out of routine. I have trouble bringing myself into 'work mode' each day too. It is so easy to find OTHER things to do. Is there a secret to productivity? I really should get reading a book in my to-read pile. I think it's called "The NOW Habit". All about taking action now instead of putting things off or getting distracted with lower priority tasks.

I hope you get back into a writing groove soon. I'd love to see more articles about writing in your Constant Content portfolio. Now if the site would just get the shopping cart to cooperate for me I'd be set. ;-)

jakill said...

Thanks for your comment, Rebecca. I'm still half way through Liverpool, but yesterday I abandoned it temporarily because I had another idea which was quicker to work up and is now sitting on CC. That site has recently changed hands and the new owner is making a number of changes which I hope, in the end, will be enhancements.

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