Monday, 19 May 2008

Freelance Finances

Things are definitely looking up for me. Today I’ve sold one article for €30, and had a positive response to a query for one that will net $300. Which turns my mind in a couple of directions.

The first is about how to deal with being paid in multiple currencies, especially at the moment when the conversion rates to sterling are pretty dire. And when I receive a cheque, even for a small amount, the bank charges a hefty commission and I’m left with just peanuts. Should I set up different bank accounts in different currencies? Have to admit, I wouldn’t know how to do that, although no doubt I could find out.

I already have different accounts with Paypal, but that doesn’t mean a lot, except that I can avoid conversion charges if I buy things in different currencies on-line. As soon as I withdraw cash to my bank account, the conversion rates kick in.

The next tangent for my mind is a bit of a rant, really. When I first started freelancing in the 1980s, people paid a reasonable amount for the time I put in to produce my work. Now, $300 is a very rare offer indeed for less than 1000 words. (Of course, it’s not in my pocket yet.) Much more commonly, if I work out my time and effort, I can see that I’m earning far less than the minimum wage. Must be one of the only areas where rewards have gone downwards over the years. You can see why so many people (including me before I got my pension) can’t give up the day jobs.

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