Friday, 23 May 2008

Second Childhood

Gosh, children are exhausting when you get to my age. This is day one of my grand daughter’s visit, and her mother was here for the first half of it. Since she left, we have had a cold lunch, made some chocolate brownies, watched a batman video while it rained, been to the swing park, had a hot supper and later a bath (I wasn’t actually in it, but I got nearly as wet).

Now she’s sleeping and I’ve just got the kitchen and living room tidied up. Must say I felt more like slipping between the sheets myself, but the computer was calling and telling me I must stick to my schedule and blog here on a Friday. This blogging is most likely all the writing I’ll do till Eryn goes home next Tuesday – my only chance to keep in practice.

I’m really hoping that tomorrow will be fine enough to take a picnic to the beach in the area that I want to move to. Don’t hold out much hope for Sunday or Monday but if it’s just wind, we’ll take the kite to the top of White Sheet Hill. And there are farms nearby that we can visit, or even Monkey World if we can raise enough cash to get us in.

I believe these are all things that she will enjoy, but I know that I will. Isn't it great when you have the excuse of taking out children, and get to do all the things you 'd be too embarrassed to do on your own


Jenaisle said...

Reading your post has reminded me of my own precocious granddaughter. She is highly spirited, I almost could not keep up with her. But I am happy because of her and thank God for her.

Thanks for sharing.

Angel said...

Sounds like a beautiful day, and lovely plans for the rest of the weekend. Enjoy:)


Meghna said...

Glad to know that you're enjoying your second childhood the fullest with kids and at the same time make sincere endeavor to do awesome writing too. Thanks for sharing!

jakill said...

jenaisle - yes, thank God for granddaughters.

angel - thank you. We are

meghna - and thank you for your kind words.

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