Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Blogging Hiatus

I haven't been sticking to my blogging schedule for the last few weeks while we have been preparing for our big move. I haven't been writing anything else either, and my sales at Constant Content have tailed right off. It just shows that you need to keep active there to get people to look at your portfolio. (Mine is here)

Within the next 48 hours my computer wwill be packed away, along with the rest of my office stuff. Already I'm feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

We should be in the the new house on Friday but my broadband supplier can't connect me until I have a landline number. Once I give them that, they say, it could take a couple of weeks. My landline supplier will not give me a number until moving day when, hopefully, they will connect us.

So it will be a while before normal service can be resumed here. In the meant time, I'll be finding my nearest library with computer use for free, so I can at least delete the spam emails.

Bye for now.


When I am Rich said...

Hope the move goes smoothly for you.

Jude said...

Good luck with your move, I just returned to blogging and dropping after about 20 days. I don't envy your moving and unpacking and getting everything up and running again. I certainly hope that's something I never have to go through again, all the best.

Jude said...

Just checking in to see how it's going.

jakill said...

Thanks Linda and Jude. The move went smoothly except for a screw up by BT, which means I am still waiting for my broadband to get set up here. Hope to be back with you soon.

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