Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dog Shampoo

In one of the forums I visit every day, a couple of members mentioned that their dogs had got in the way of some skunk spray. How horrendous is that? I just can’t imagine it.

Now by an amazing coincidence, I was just introduced to Dinovite’s Dogosuds dog shampoo, and I’m told that it works great to remove the skunk smell. It’s got to be worth a try.

Dinovite appears to have a lot more going for it too. It’s also a natural flea deterrent. It doesn’t contain any chemicals or perfumes that could irritate your dog’s skin or dry it out. Quite the opposite in fact, as it does contain pure, therapeutic, essential oils that have natural healing properties. You’ll find it lathers up well and rinses off easily. And then your dog will smell good for quite a while so you won’t have to be forever bathing him.

So, if you are a dog owner, is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief? Or do you wash your dog one day, just to have the stink return the next? Perhaps you wait weeks between bathing your dog because her skin gets so dry and flaky. Or perhaps you hate bathing your dog because you rinse and rinse and rinse...and still can't get the shampoo out properly.

Answer yes to any of the above? Head on over to Dinovite and find out how to get some Dogosuds and see what else they have to offer. You might even be able to get your first shampoo free if you’re quick.

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

Okay, this photo just made my day. It's like looking in the mirror at the end of the day :-)

jakill said...

Hi Joanne. I don't believe that for a moment. But he is gorgeous,isn't he.

free uk ad said...

oh such nice doggy

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