Monday, 7 September 2009

Website Hosting

I’ve sometimes thought about leaving blogspot, although it’s really convenient and has made my blogging learning curve almost hassle free. But if I want to do more than blog, I will have to set up my own site and find a good site host.

For anyone looking to do this now, there’s plenty of useful information about website hosting at Web Hosting Geeks. You’ll find recommendations, reviews and ratings on the important aspects of technical support; customer support; software; traffic; reliability and uptime; space, price; quality and user-friendliness. They also categorise each host so you can select from a list of those that really suit you. They even have a Green category. And there is a ‘best for’ list as well in case you are not familiar with their category names and don’t have the time or the nous to scroll down the page and find them all explained.

You can read their own reviews and other customer reviews as well. They seem to leave nothing out.

The site also provides articles that give you plenty of guidance on how to make your selection. The articles are well written and easy to read. Check out this one to see what I mean. I’ve got it bookmarked now for if, and when, I decide to make my change. I’ll definitely be checking it out.


Jena Isle said...

Finding a reliable web host has also been my problem. I would like to have a self-hosted blog, and I'm looking. Thanks for the tips. Best regards.

jakill said...

You're welcome. Hope you find what you want.

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