Friday, 27 November 2009


Adgitize your web site.

I recently joined adgitize as a rather slow starter. It’s a bit different earning one or two cents a day for clicking rather than writing something more than these blog posts. Yesterday I racheted up my number of clicks but couldn’t make the maximum of 100 because my broadband got painfully slow.

Since I moved home I’ve been having these problems a lot. I should probably consider changing to another provider, but that seems like just another hassle. Anyway, I do believe I made it to 100 today.

I found some side benefits too. First, I’ve seen many more terrific blogs. Second, many of the new ones have entrecard widgets to drop on as well. My drop rate has gone way up in the last two days. Of course it’s time consuming, and I don’t suppose I’ll manage it every day.

I don’t know how many people are clicking my adgitize ads either. Please leave me a comment if you know of a way to get these stats. And please don’t hesitate to click if the ads are of the slightest interest to you.You’ll be doing me a big favour.


FishHawk said...

Be assured that I will click on your Adgitize ads every time I see one.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Ditto, as FishHawk.

jakill said...

Many thanks to both of you.

Jon said...

Hi Jean, welcome aboard. Just clicked your add and will continue to do so.

cornyman said...


just log in into Adgitize to see the statistic how often someone clicked on your paid ad:

- click on "Member's Lounge"

- there in the middle of the menu click "Reports"

- in "Reports" choose the "ads day by day" link

Hope this helps :)

Adgitize Payment Proof Traffic and money, it's a great program with great blogs to visit!

jakill said...

Thanks you John.

And Thank you Corneyman. That was very helpful.

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