Saturday, 1 May 2010

Living History at My House

My weekend guests are members of a Living History English civil war regiment. In fact, David, who has been involved over many years, is the regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief. He has been twice widowed and his third wife, Betty, has been my friend since I was in my first, rather unhappy, marriage, when my children were small.

After breakfast this morning they went off in all their 17th century finery to a regimental wedding at the Guildhall in Poole. Tomorrow they are attending a Living History event at Lulworth Castle, which is not far from here. They very kindly agreed to me posting the photos of them posing for me in my garden this morning.


imelda said...

wow they are indeed a living history of the past. u have a nice garden.

When I am Rich said...

That looks like fun! Aren't you tempted to join them?

Brenda said...

What a neat thing that they do - they look great! We know some people from out church that participate in civil war re-enactments.

Sara Katt said...

Beautiful costumes. And they look well made. They must be good people to know making history come alive.
Thanks for sharing.
Sara Cat

Russ said...

Living History. You have to love it. I am into nostalgia. But most of all I can't help scrolling down to visit your wonderful garden and patio.

jakill said...

Thanks everyone. We did go and join in the fun on Sunday, but it's too expensive a hobby for us to be fully involved. Everything they wear or use ha to be authentic and costs a pretty penny. And they have to travel all over the country and cover many miles.

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