Friday, 11 March 2011

Musings About York

The last time I was in York was in July 2009, just after we moved to our house on the south coast. The weekend with friends had been long planned and was a welcome respite from all the hassle of moving home. The time before that was many moons ago when I camped there en-route to a wedding in Newcastle.

That time York Minster was closed after fire damage, but I did get to see it in 2009. Also the Teasurer's House, a National Trust property in which I did the tour of the cellars, where several people have seen the ghosts of Roman soldiers marching by on foot or riding their horses through the walls.

We walked all round the walls of the ancient town and saw many of the old buildings from their high vantage point. Nowadays of course, the residential areas spread far beyond the city walls, and in our two days there, we could only see the tip of the iceberg. But I was impressed by York, and if I were considering moving away from the sea and up to the north, I might think about living there.

I did wonder, if I took my son with me, whether it would be difficult for him to find a job up there. When I looked at this jobs in York website, it looked as though there were just vacancies for people in car sales, dentistry and training, but then I used their search facility and found more. it looks as though they advertise for a number of recruitment agencies, so if you are seriously searching for work in York, it would be a good place to try, although you might need patience as they haven't quite got their sector categories properly sorted.

For us though, it was rather an academic exercise. I don't think anything could tempt me away from my seaside home where I want to spend the days I have left.


Bob Scotney said...

York is less than 40 miles from us so we go there several times a year. Interesting place to visit but expensive to live there - people commute to London.
There is an interesting old bookshop close to the Minster - that's worth the visit on its own.

Larry lewis said...

Nice to find another UK blogger. I visit York often as living in County Durham it's only an hour away. You should check out Harrogate, a beautiful vibrant town

jakill said...

Wish I'd known about that bookshop before my last visit, Bob. Not sure if/when I'll get that way again.

jakill said...

Thank you for your visit and comment, Larry. Harrogate is on my list.

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