Monday, 7 March 2011

Musing About Swans

Musing about what to write in here today, I decided to look back at what I was musing about at this time of year in 2009. I found these photos of swan families. Last October I used another one that you can see here.

So I thought I'd find out a bit more about swans. And now I have enough material for a couple of articles.

I've learnt about the mute swans that live here all year round and the Berwicks and Whoopers that visit between October and March; I've learnt more about them being the royal birds that belong to the queen, and why; and why the practice of swan-upping is still carried out today. I can also recall visits to the Abbotsbury Swannery here in Dorset.

All grist to the mill of a writer. Blogging is definitely useful to this one.


Glynis said...

I miss Swans. I lived in Constable country in the UK, there were loads along the water's edge.

I did capture a picture of two black swans in a bird park, over here in Cyprus.

jakill said...

Thanks for your visit and comment, Glynis. I think swans are beautiful creatures, but I usually keep my distance after being chased by one when I was a child and got too close to a nest.

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