Monday, 4 April 2011

Gold: a Wise Investment

I keep hearing how your savings can make you more money if you invest in gold. Gold is often referred to as a crisis commodity.  This is because it rises in value when there is a downturn in the economy. Not surprisingly, its value is high at the moment, and the forecasts indicate it will continue to rise.  I looked up a website I've blogged  about before in June 2009, and found it's still full of useful information, including a fascinating article on the history of gold coins. You can find out all about gold bullion if you click the link to take a look.

In 2009 I reported that the 24 karat gold bullion coin, the American Buffalo would cost just over $1,000 dollars.  Today its price is almost $1,500, nearly half as much again.  That's quite a hike in around 18 months, and I think it proves my point. This is the way to buy bullion.

Other gold coins have similar stories. The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf has risen in value by over 180% in the last  five years.  The 1 oz Chinese Gold Panda is currently valued at over $1,500, and is sometimes incorporated in valuable pieces of jewellery.

If you think you might like to buy gold bullion, you might like to get a move on, and make your investment before the price spirals too far.

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