Friday, 1 April 2011

Musings on Australia

100 Stories for Queensland should have gone to press today.  I've got a story in this anthology which is going to be sold to raise money for the flood victims.  Can't wait for it to be available.

Still on the subject of Australia, I've just learnt that The Buzz insurance company was the first to offer Australians the online method of buying and managing their car insurance, and in 2010 it was awarded the Australian Business Award for Innovation. 

Here in the UK, we can get multiple car insurance quotes and pay premiums on the internet, but it seems this is the only company down under that offers car insurance Australia that way.  It's part of the Insurance Australia Group (IAG) which also owns Equity Red Star, the UK's fifth largest vehicle insurance operator.

I always use the internet for my car insurance, although sometimes I need to check something I can't find, so I  have tom make a phone call.  The telephone number is always displayed on the website, so thta's not a problem. When you are on The Buzz site, you can use their live chat facility so you don't even have to use the phone.  I must remember to tell my Aussie pal, Annie, about  this.

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