Sunday, 20 November 2011

Remembering Menorca

Ruth Kozak of Travel Thru History has been holding one of my articles about Menorca for almost two and a half years. I'd almost forgotten about it.  Then this morning she emailed that she's going to publish it this month, giving her apologies for keeping it so long, and asking me for photos.

It was a lovely surprise, and it got me thinking again about our visit there in 2008.  It was the last of the three Balearic Islands I'd been to and I have written quite a few pieces about different aspects of them, some of which sold at Constant Content all at the same time, bringing me a nice dollar income that month. Perhaps it's time to write some more.

I took lots of photos on that Menorca visit and have published some of them before.  Here are some more.

 The beach near our hotel

 Boats at Es Grau

View from the fortifications at La Mola


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Certainly a beautiful place!

John Buchanan said...

Looking back on past travels is often rewarding.

jakill said...

Joan - thanks for yet another comment.

John - Thanks for yours too. I'm glad I'm a blogger because it does make me look back on my past travels.

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