Thursday, 24 November 2011

Spookies Compendium

I've just put this review up on Amazon. I promised David, the author, that I would review in return for some free books.  I don't usually choose to read these kind of books, so I didn't know then how much I would enjoy them.

"This compendium contains a series of e-books – two full length novels and a short story – about the activities of Spookies, a paranormal investigation team. I was hooked from the start by the three unlikely characters on the team: Sceptre, the aristocratic female with a ghostly butler; Pete, an athletic ex-cop and unbeliever, afraid of nothing and noone; and Kevin who is unaware of his psychic powers and fearful of the spirits that interact with him. And they all remain in character throughout.

In each of these stories a paranormal investigation takes place side by side with a criminal one. The Spookies always come out on top, though they always need the help of Sceptre's butler, who died when she was a baby but remains close, albeit on the spirit plane, to take care of her and follow her instructions.

It sounds strange but the author has a knack of making the unbelievable acceptable, even if it just makes you laugh. He keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen next. My only complaint is getting too tired because I can't put my Kindle down when I should be settling to sleep."

The two novels in the Compendium are The Haunting at Melmerby Manor and The Man in Black.  They are also available separately at Smashwords - see my side bar.

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