Friday, 10 February 2012

Life in Retirement

In the past week, I've been writing about building services, managing data and the UK job market. It's earned me about £165. Not bad for a retiree, don't you think? Nowhere near enough to run a home and live comfortably these days though, but I have to do it as the pensions aren't enough either. I do wonder how other people manage.

On a slightly brighter note, when I was walking Jade at Holes Bay today, I noticed half a dozen snowdrops sheltering under a garden wall.  It reminded me of our trip to see the multitudes of them at Kingston Lacey in February last year.


Glynis said...

The world finances have taken away the word 'retire'. Keep up the writing and may your funds grow. I write for Blogsvertise and earn my pocket money that way.

jakill said...

Thanks Glynis. I do that sometimes too. Do you see snowdrops in Cyprus?

Glynis said...

I can't say I have seen any in my area, I suspect further up the mountains they might be about. The wild cyclamen grow there.

Paola said...

Stunning, Jean! Here in Dhaka today is the first day of the Bengali spring, but my bougainvilleas have a tough time competing with the pollution, which is five times as high as what is 'acceptable'. But everyone is celebrating by wearing yellow saris today, so there's a sunny feel about the place!

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