Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Growing Up


Marms said...

Aww..time flies so fast.


When I am Rich said...

They don't stay little for long, do they? I'm sure you enjoy every precious moment.

Anna said...

This reminds me of my own children. Elisabet is seven, almost eight, and Erik is ten. Sigh. Time goes so quickly. It seems as if it was yesterday that I had to carry them around.

But I am happy to see them grow and be happy and healthy. Your granddaughter looks as if she is thriving, so there is really no reason to be sad. (Even if they are very cute when they are little!)

Best wishes and hugs,

Sharkbytes said...

They sure do that, so fast. Lovely smile.

jakill said...

Many thanks to all of you for your visits and comments.

There were about four years between these pics and the last one was taken eight month ago. I wonder how she'll look after another four years.

Paola said...

Awww...I'm just dying to see my Sam, Jean, next's so much harder now that he and his folks have moved to Johannesburg and we're in Bangladesh...Skype is great, but doesn't replace the real thing!

Aidyl Ewoh said...

Awww, sweet smiles.

jakill said...

Yes, Paola. You can never see enough of them. It is sad that you are so far away. I now have 2 great grandchildren too, boy and girl. Maycie is the youngest and she never stops smiling, but Braydon is really cute as well.

jakill said...

Thanks for your comment Aidyl. I've left one for you now.

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