Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Has Arrived

The weather forecasters are making everyone feel better here. We have our long awaited high, and warm temperatures with little rain are forecast for the rest of this week. Whoopee!

After our visit to Sandbanks beach this morning, after lunch we went to our little local one which is on the Hamworthy peninsula in Poole Harbour. The car park was busy but  most people must have been on the water in kayaks or little boats because there were only a few groups settled on the beach itself.

I didn't have my camera today, but this pic is one of mine from another year showing our little beach, where dogs are allowed all year round. You can also see part of the heathland that borders it. We started our walk up there so we could take the steps down to the beach just before the first headland in the photo and walk back along the sand. it's a very pleasant walk with beautiful views across the harbour from above the beach as well as on it.


Paola said...

I love that photo of the boats! Yes, we heard the weather has been awful this year - glad it's improving!

Jean Knill said...

Thanks Paola. It was a brief respite from rain, I'm afraid. we made the most of it that we could though.

Sharkbytes said...

Beautiful place. I don't think of England having sand beaches.

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