Monday, 10 June 2013

Torquay Landslide

On Friday I met up with a friend in Torquay. After our lunch, we strolled along Babbacombe Downs overlooking Oddicombe Beach. This area was a favourite haunt of mine when I was a young teenager, but I know that since then there have been many landslides down the cliffs at the far end.

pic by David Hawgood

But from the downs on Friday we saw the results of another one higher up that was much more serious. One of the houses that I used to walk past on the coast path was half collapsed with rubble strewn down the horrendous red gash below it.  A local man stopped to tell us that the house had recently been sold to an unsuspecting buyer for £150,000 by telephone at auction. Of course it hadn't been insured. We couldn't believe that anyone would be so gullible and not smell a rat at that price for a six bedroom house with a sea view. You can see pictures of it and read about it here


Jenny Woolf said...

It is strange what some people may do. Perhaps the buyer thought that since the house had stood for 50 years it might last her out. Even so - fancy not even going to see it. Mind is boggling, really!

aw said...

Landslides can make quite a dramatic change to the scene, Jean. I remember seeing some at Lyme Regis some time back and last year, when visiting Dover Castle, you could see a really fresh white stretch of the White Cliffs from the castle grounds, the result of a fall the previous winter I believe.
The story about the house sale though beggars belief.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Jenny

Yes, some people can be really gullible. That was a very expensive mistake to make.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Ann

There are plenty of warnings about landslides along the Jurassic Coast. I have read about how it was the way the first dinosaur fossil was found by Mary Anning of Lyme. I came through there on the bus last Saturday. That is a spectacular ride on the top of the bus.

Sharkbytes said...

That's a pretty interesting picture. We sure have no control over natural forces when they are ready to move. Happens here when people build too close to sandy bank edges.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Joan - This year the weather has been particularly stormy, with very high winds as well as the rain.

Paola said...

Oh my goodness that looks horrendous! And very dangerous, too...

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