Friday, 12 July 2013

Earning with Blogspot

I've got some new work sub-contracted to me this month. From now on I'll be posting on some other blogspot blogs as well as this one. I had  been writing some of these anyway with someone else doing the posting, and now this has been passed to me as well, and will earn me a few extra pounds each month.

I'm able to do it because I am so familiar with blogspot through writing this blog. I started this week actually after being passed the log in details. For one of them I wasn't able to log in immediately and got a message asking me to verify my identity because I was posting from an unusual location. Although it was hassle, I found it quite reassuring that Google actually does have some security practices.

The most time consuming part of this is finding relevant images that can be used for free. If you are a regular reader here you'll know that I use pics from Wikimedia Commons quite a lot, but I don't always find what I need there. I signed up for Dreamstime and bought some credits when I found a pic I wanted thinking I could buy it for "as little as 49p" according to the blurb. Of course it actually used up nearly £3 of my credit. Once my £10 or so is used up I probably won't fall for that again.

One of the blog posts I drafted had a doggie element (surprise, surprise) and I was able to use one of my own pics of Jade. She'll be famous soon.


Linda D said...

Hope you got her to sign a model release! At least you play by the rules and don't 'borrow' photos you find on other people's websites without permission. Some of the photos I've put on my blog have found their way on to Russian websites. I wouldn't mind if they put my name on them but they pass them off as their own. I've always been careful not to put my best photos online - or anything I think I might be able to sell to a print publisher - but it's still annoying.

Laurie said...

Hi Jean,

Interesting post as I know how difficult it is to find the right image, especially for free!

You mentioned Dreamstime, but have you tried it's sister site of Morguefile. The images are free. I was directed to it by David, when looking for images for my book.

Just a thought.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Linda. yes, that is really annoying. But inevitable, I'm afraid. Nearly as bad as when it's an article you've put hours of work into. That's happened to me at Constant Content a few times. Fortunately, the site support is quite good at dealing with it.

Jean Knill said...

Laurie - many thanks for that suggestion. It's very helpful.

Sharkbytes said...

Glad you are finding some income. I haven't even managed to succeed at getting my blogspot blogs with my other Google ID to accept posts from my first ID. Makes me nuts. I've given up trying.

Jean Knill said...

Joan - Thanks. Sorry about your problem. I haven't any suggestions, I'm afraid, other than cutting and pasting, which is probably too time consuming. I lost quite a bit of material when the Writelink blog closed down and I didn't have enough time to grab it all.

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