Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Comments and Google+

Some time ago I joined Google+ when a virtual friend suggested I should so that I could be in  his/her circle (sorry, I can't actually remember who it was now). I didn't do much on it and still don't, although more recently I found it was easy to put my blog posts on there, just by clicking the share button that came up. then blogger recommended letting that happen automatically, and asked if I'd like to use G+ comments on this blog. Why not? I thought, not realising it would mean that noone could comment except through G+.

Then someone wrote a message for me on her blog, saying she wanted to comment but didn't want to join G+, and the penny dropped. Then I read other blog posts referring to what they perceived as Google's bullying tactics. I realised that it was up to me as a blogger to consider and understand the consequences of what I do with my blog. I've now reversed all those changes to my settings, so that I decide what to share, and anyone can comment on my blog. (Please don't see that as a reason to flood me with spam. Blogspot will not let it through.)

Now most of the  recent comments have completely disappeared, both from the blog and G+, and the blog looks very lonely. But I daresay things will get back to normal soon.

You can of course comment on my shared posts in Google+ if you wish. I've also recently discovered  how to easily share on Facebook and Twitter and am fast becoming the social media queen.

Now to completely change the subject.

At present Jade is curled up in her office bed wrapped up in a towel becasue I've given her a shower this afternoon. She wants to be sweet smelling for our weekend visitors. Eryn and Rafi will be here with their mum. Rafi is all grown up now, as you can see from the pic. Compare it to the ones I posted last Christmas.


aw said...

Thanks for the explanation, Jean. I tried commenting on a previous post but nothing appeared. Good to know we can keep in touch again.

Hope Jade (and you)enjoy your visitors at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I just hope I get through now, Jean, having read what you say about Google. I gave up on Google blogs early on in favour of Wordpress where there seem to be less problems. Love to picture!

Jean Knill said...

Thank you Ann and Jeanne. Don't seem to be any problems with comments now.

Paola said...

Jean, I can't get onto my old wordpress blog today but I can access yours for once! What a beautiful photo!

Linda D said...

Lovely photo, but what a shame that children and puppies grow up so fast!
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Jean Knill said...

Cheers, Paola. Hope you are surviving and still thriving in your troubled city.

Jean Knill said...

Hello Linda. Thanks for the good wishes. We did have a lovely weekend which I also posted about. I'm just glad to have photographic records as the months and years go by.

inkslinger said...

Never did like that whole G+ thing.

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