Friday, 15 November 2013

My Working Week

It’s been a funny old week, workwise. This morning I was writing about professional negligence in the construction industry. In between taking Jade to the beach and preparing our favourite chicken meal for the oven this afternoon, I’ve been finding out about the HD CCTV, CMOS sensors and progressive scanning systems that I have to write about next. Earlier in the week I was enjoying the memory of last year’s holiday in the corner of Cornwall where it so happens that a caravan and camping site requires content for a new website and other marketing material.

That’s why I revisited all the holiday pics and posted the jungle pic here on Wednesday. I took that when we visited the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which had been on my bucket list for a while. You can find more about that holiday in my November posts last year, including this one which was the first in a series about that garden visit. 

The pic above was taken at the nearby Megavissey harbour on a misty day.


Jenny Woolf said...

How nice I love those boats in the mist. What a varied working life you have - just as well you are obviously good at multi tasking.

Linda D said...

Variety is good, it keeps boredom at bay as well as exercising the brain. Great photo!

Jean Knill said...

Hi Jenny - multi-tasking is a womens' lot I fancy. Most of us are good at it.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Linda - yes, variety is good. I love it.

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