Friday, 11 July 2014

Garden Sculpture

Looking through my photos for some inspiration for this post, I came across this piece of garden sculpture. I captured it on my digicam at the Wheal Martyn clay museum near St Austell on our 2012 holiday. I'd like to see what happens to it in heavy rain.


Betty Boop14 said...

It gets wet!

Jean Knill said...

Very funny Betty. But actually it made me think of Roger's Japanese garden things, with the water captured at the top and then dripping down and around from step to step. Not moveable bamboo, but a slightly similar concept if it worked.

Sharkbytes said...

OH, I see. I was thinking about small critters climbing up it, but the water would trickle down!

Jean Knill said...

That's what I would expect, Joan. But it's sweet idea that little creatures could climb up out of a flood.

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