Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Dog Friendly Pubs

Yesterday we went to Shaftesbury to meet up with my sister and brother-in-law at The Fountain Inn, a pub run by some friends. They had recently won the 'Best Pub' category in the Taste of Dorset 2014 Awards, so we treated ourselves to a good lunch as we all swapped Christmas cards and presents. I had taken Jade for a short walk on Park Walk and took in the amazing views.

After that we all arrived in the pub car park at the same time, and Jade was overjoyed to meet some friends when she got out of the car. The first thing she did was jump up on bro's pristine trousers with her muddy paws. (One of these days, those paws are going to get her into real trouble.) The Fountain is very dog friendly so she knows she'll get lots of attention when we go inside.

On Sunday we went for lunch to another pub where they welcome dogs. This is the Blue Boar in Poole - a real favourite with local dog owners. There are always a number of dogs to be found in the bar. Jade is very good on these occasions. She lies under the table until we've all finished eating and then looks for her leftovers. I always take a small dish for her and some water to wash it down. I think Jade likes eating out.

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Sharkbytes said...

I like the UKs attitude toward dogs. Only dogs allowed in eating places here are service dogs. I've been so addicted to my train game I haven't been doing anything else. Getting caught up now!

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