Monday, 1 December 2014

Walking at Baiter

I wanted to get a few small stocking filler presents for my great grandchildren today, as we are hoping to go and see them on Saturday, so the gifts can be taken along and left with my eldest granddaughter, their mother. This is very exciting as I still haven’t seen the baby girl born in May. We’ve had several attempts to arrange to get together, but they haven’t worked out. Anyway I decided to take Jade for a walk at Baiter Park as it is not far from the Sainsburys car park and we could go there afterwards.

  pic by Mike Faherty

The photo I found at Wikimedia Commons  was actually taken nearly seven years ago, but it still looks virtually the same. Even the waterlogged areas are the same at this time of year. Today there was colony of Canada geese parked right across the middle of the field. 

The path you can see in the foreground runs alongside the shoreline of Poole Harbour, and we walked past this seat on our circuit of the field. Here’s the footpath again (in one of my own old photos) looking in the other direction past the old ruin that makes the picture more interesting.  

Beyond are boats that are moored and one of the local yacht clubs. If you follow the road around the harbour in that direction, you eventually come to the Sandbanks peninsular with the open sea on its far side.

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Sharkbytes said...

what a nice place to take a walk.

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