Saturday, 13 February 2016

After the Storms

Today my fences are being repaired following the storms which brought one side down and the other threatening. I thought the work wouldn't happen as it rained a lot this morning but as soon as it eased a bit the man turned up to start the job. The man is my new neighbour on the other side of the broken fence. When we went to discuss it with them the first time we met them, we discovered that fencing is one of his many skills, and he offered to do it on a Saturday when he didn't have other work.

So that was a problem easily solved. We'd already had one person to look at the job but he never came back with the quote he promised. They are all swamped with work because of the storm damage. My fence panels are ok and I don't suppose the repair work would be lucrative. But it's in the interests of my neighbour as well as me to get it done, and I will pay him cash, so everyone will be happy.

1 comment:

Linda D said...

Lucky it was just your fence and no damage to your house. Pleased you've got a good neighbour.

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