Saturday, 25 June 2016

Good News, Depressing News, Doggie Routine Notwithstanding

I've spent most of the last week hunkered down at home nursing a virulent bug. Now that I have to take nasty, chemo type medication, every time I catch something like this it hits me hard. There was some good news on Wednesday though. I couldn't attend my hospital appointment, so the consultant phoned me to say that my latest scans show a decrease in the size of my tumours. It was the highlight of the week. Seems if I can persevere with the treatment, it is working ok.

Apart from that, there hasn't been much to write about, not that I've felt like posting anyway. I did manage to keep up with my writing schedule and now have four of this month's articles drafted. On Thursday I did go out to vote, then came home and collapsed on the settee again.

I didn't vote to leave the EU and am shocked at the result. I am worried for the future of my grandchildren and their children. I doubt I will live long enough for it to bother me, and my children are already set on their paths, but the next generations will have to fight more for their opportunities. I just hope I am wrong about that.

None of it bothers the dogs. They still want to follow their routines - eat, sleep and go for walks. Rafi has his mad half hour with toys while Jade sits and looks on as if she is an old lady indulging a child, even though she is only 18 months older than him. She just wakes up when it is food time, barking at him to let him know she is top dog and gets first pick.


Jenny Woolf said...

It is VERY good news about your tumours decreasing, that would make anyones week! You must be extremely happy! And I hope you get over your bug very soon.

Yes the referendum result is not good. I've signed the parliamentary petition asking for a second referendum, If you are interested in seeing the exact wording of why, it is here

I hope the chaos in the country will only be temporary, luckily there are enough sensible people around in government.

Jean Knill said...

Thank you, Jenny. We can but hope.

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