Sunday, 3 July 2016

Things Are Looking up

I just reread my last post and noted a couple of typos that have now been put right. Normally I pride myself on my proofreading skills, so I really hope that's just a blip that doesn't carry over to my professional work, I've finished my article drafts and the first one has been proofed and delivered. Two more go tomorrow and I'll take extra care with the proofing. The last batch goes later in the week.

Healthwise, the week has been just as bad, if not worse than the last one, at least until Friday. Following a night of pain, diarrhoea and sickness, that morning I called the Macmillan nurse and was given a reprieve from the meds for three days. Later I was persuaded to go out, take Rafi for grooming, walk Jade on the beach at Branksome and find a dog friendly pub where I could watch my daughter eat her lunch and even share a bit of it.

We found an excellent inn for that. Called The Plantation, it was decked out in old colonial style with a lovely conservatory restaurant and bar areas where we could take our dog while we ate and drank. They even brought her out her own drink of water in a special dog bowl. The service was superb, making us feel really special. I'd never noticed the place before, but someone said it used to be a residential home so I guess it's new. Sitting in the car on the way home I realised I felt better than I had for weeks.

It has been good ever since, with nights for just sleeping. I went out twice yesterday, dog walking in the morning and to my granddaughter's football presentation in the afternoon. That was in a sports club we'd never been to before, very civilised with a bar and a covered area we could sit. Outside was a children's play area plus various pitches and sports grounds. It is obviously popular with families in the local area as there were plenty of people there who were not associated with Poole youth football teams.

The girls had a great time and all received their awards for playing for a whole season, with one or two singled out for special praise.

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Jenny Woolf said...

They all look so happy! And I'm very glad that you had a nice visit.

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