Monday, 20 April 2009

CC Writing and Sales

I think I’m getting back into the writing swing after my recent holiday and family visits. I spent most of today responding to a customer wanting an article about the history of the Chinese cheongsam that was in the public requests at Constant Content. That probably means I wasn’t the only one to do it and my piece may not get chosen, but another customer may want it.

Be great if I could sell it twice for usage rights, as I have just done with another piece I wrote as soon as I was back from Egypt. That’s the beauty of the usage rights at Constant Content. You can sell and sell again and still have the worked showcased for more customers to find.

More of them seem to be going for usage rights at the moment. It is becoming really popular now, whereas the full rights option has previously been what most people were buying. Of course full rights are more expensive so perhaps it’s because of the credit crunch.

I tend to price full rights at twice the fee for usage, so if I sell more than twice, I will be in pocket. That hasn’t happened yet though. But after a decent interval from a sale, I will put the article on Helium as well so it will continue earning for me as long as people click to read.


Jena Isle said...

You're doing well at CC Jean. At helium, you could also join their writing contests and marketplace to earn more. I'm sure you would be able to sell at the marketplace.

When I am Rich said...

Well done, Jean.
I've looked at CC before but wasn't sure if it would be a profitable use of my time. But it seems to be working for you, especially selling the same article more than once. Think you've convinced me to at least have another look.
By the way, when you've got a spare moment there's an award waiting for you on my blog.

jakill said...

Thank you Linda. If you do decide to try CC, and would like to be my associate, please use this url to sign up:

I'll be happy to advise you over there if needed. The main advice to newbies is to keep reading the writers' guidelines and FAQs, and also the forums, where many questions are answered. Also read other authors' work and keep tabs on what is selling.

Good luck.

jakill said...

Thanks Jena. Not much time for Helium at the moment. But I do need to submit more as I've lost my writing star.

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