Sunday, 19 April 2009

My Week

Since I missed posting on both Wednesday and Friday this week, I thought I’d add a Sunday post.

The week has been really eventful and I have lots of new writing material. In fact, there’s so much rolling around my head and noted down in different places, I’ll need a few months to get it all down.

On Monday I wrote here briefly about hubby and I taking my granddaughter to a country park with many adventure play areas. On Tuesday her mother arrived – my wonderful daughter, of whom I am inordinately proud. It was a bit rainy so we went to an indoor soft play centre.

These are a relatively new phenomenon that seem to have sprung up all over the UK. Thinking back to when my children were young, if we’d had them then, it would have made my life a lot easier. With six and a half years between my son and daughter, it was always difficult to find place to go and activities that they would both enjoy.

On Wednesday, we went to the local Heavy Horse Centre. It began with a pony ride for the littl’un. Then we saw the heavy horses in their stables before our picnic lunch and the feeding of pony nuts to the horses, ponies, donkeys and goats. There was the inevitable adventure playground and some pedalled go karts that were a great hit. We rode a tractor trailer and attended a fascinating presentation all about the different breeds of heavy horses.

Thursday saw us head for the shops at Poole and then the beach, and my texts about sipping a glass of wine on the terrace of the Sandbanks Hotel, in the lovely sunshine, made my friends green with envy. Unfortunately I can’t show you that because I’d left the camera in the car.

Friday we busied ourselves turning out rubbish from the garage and taking it to the tip before cleaning up and visiting friends.

And Saturday morning at 11 they left us to drive the hundred miles home, so hubby, who’d been working all week and feeling a bit left out, should have had my undivided attention. Except that the estate agent suddenly wanted the house ready for viewing so it was all systems go to get it looking fairly immaculate by 1.45. The feedback on that is the most promising so far, so I’m agog for more news next week.

Will I have a sale and be one step closer to my dream of moving to the seaside?


zorlone said...

Wow! Your week was so hectic! I hope the stress level was low and your blood pressure was maintained throughout the time. Of course, your health would be my top concern, it's a force of habit for being a doctor. hehehe.

Your dream seaside house will eventually come true, it's just a matter of time.

Good luck!


jakill said...

Thanks Doc. It was only hectic in parts. And very enjoyable. Remember I did get to relax beside the sea for a while.

Jena Isle said...

You'll achieve your dream , I'm sure. Good luck.

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