Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Chili's Anyone?


I just heard that the Chili's restaurant and bar in the Oracle Shopping Centre, Reading, reopened last month. Check out its Reading Press Release to read more about it. Before January, when its kitchen was damaged by fire and it had to close, it was the most popular of the American chain’s seven locations in the UK.

The kitchen has now been completely renovated and the reopening secures the jobs of its 65 staff - good news in these credit crunch days. Hopefully its fans are once again filling its 250 guest capacity, keeping these workers firmly in the numbers of the employed.

According to its website, the Chili’s menus live up to their name, with lots of spicy tex-mex options, although punters can get a plain steak or salmon fillet if they prefer. There is even a section called Guiltless Grill where the main items are guaranteed to come in at less than 750 calories, 25 grams of fat and 8 grams of saturated fat, so weight watchers need not be deterred.

You can also buy gift cards, which is a great idea when you are stumped about what birthday present to get for the person who seems to have everything. But they are only offered in US dollars, so I don’t know if we can get sterling ones. They are definitely offering Chili's Vouchers here, with a good discount for parties of between four and ten people. You just print off the voucher and hand it in when you pay.

Must get myself up to Reading sometime soon with some pals. I'll ask about the gift cards when we try out those scrumptious looking dishes.



Dori said...

I used to love eating at Chili's back home. Great review :)

Jena Isle said...

My mouth is watering, now I want to eat chili, and pizza , and tacos for sharing.

zorlone said...

The last time I ate at Chili's was a week and a half ago! So, I would say that it was just recently.
I like the wings and the nachos! he he he!

jakill said...

Thanks for comments, you three. Good to know there are some Chili's fans on the blogosphere.

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