Thursday, 10 December 2009

Adgitize and Entrecard

You may have noticed that I am stepping up my blogging schedule at the moment. That’s because I’ve now joined the adgitize brigade and I get points each time I post, so it gets me closer to payout. No sure how long I can keep it up because I’m cheating a bit and using old posts from my Writelink blog which were lost to my readers on the changeover to a new site. But I still have them on my PC.

I’m also dropping more entrecards because I have a new way of bloghopping so that I can do adgitize clicks as well. I used to just go through my EC inbox. Now I start there and click when I find an adgitize ad. The beauty of it is that, like me, most adgitizers are entrecarders as well, so we can kill two birds with one stone. Once I’ve done my 100 clicks, which I never thought I’d get round to, I go back to my EC inbox and there are just a few left. So my EC dropping has gone up from around 60 a day to around 140.

I still try to read the ones that really grab me. But the downside is that I don’t have as much time to comment as I used to do, especially as it’s a busy time of year. I’ve also picked up some more writing work, which of course has to get priority. No doubt there will come days when I can concentrate more on commenting again.

Anyway, I really love the blogosphere, and can’t imagine what I did with my time before I found it.

PS. The pic above is an old one of Lyme Regis harbour at the cob, where I went to meet my sister today to exchange Christmas presents.


Dave Lucas said...

Hello! I too have recently signed up my blog with both Entrecard and Agitize. Both are good ways to find like-minded bloggers (and a little new blogging blood!) but perhaps more importantly they help one build a little camradeie... it's always good to interact with others! (Unless you happen to be Tiger Woods!!!;) )

jakill said...

Hi Dave. Yes, you're right. I have loads of friends on-line now. It is important to comment though, and I must find more time for that. Thank you for commenting, and giving us a chuckle at the end.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I do the same thing! And I only click on Adgitize ads when I know that there's an Entrecard widgit.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

I would like to inquire if you get paid by adjitize and if it's really worth the effort?

Thanks .

jakill said...

Thanks DDF. Good to know I'm not alone in my strategy.

jakill said...

Hi Jena. It seems to be worth it. I've only been with it a couple of weeks and been revving up during that time, but I can earn over 20 cents a day if I write a post and do 100 clicks. Points for this are added to points for page views and clicks on my ads as well. Of course I haven't been paid yet, but it won't take too long to get to pay out. I haven't come across anyone saying that payment ha been withheld.

Martin@Cornyman's Money-Blog said...

Hi Jean,

it's definitely worth being a member of Adgitize, EntreCard, CMF Ads + Project Wonderful.

Even when the last two ad networks just give you pennies daily they are worth being used in a monetizing strategy for your blog.

As Adgitize has now rolled back the ad price to 14$ for 31 days, you can earn again a nice profit of some $ + around 2.000 visit in these 31 days. You can use my link to read about the secret to get paid by Adgitize for advertising.

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