Friday, 18 December 2009

Walking Spurs the Muse

This is something I wrote early this year. I have to tell you that because if you know anything about the UK, you'll know it's not snowdrop time yet.

"I have been reading books about the writing life by Julia Cameron and Dorothea Brande. Both these authors are in tune with each other and have similarities. For instance, they both recommend early morning free writing. And they both recommend walking to get some inspiration. Ms Brande suggests trying to look at what you pass with the eyes of a stranger, and making up descriptions as you walk.

This works well with my current practice of trying to get out for a short brisk walk every day, and today I tried it out. Stupidly, I didn’t take a notebook and pen, but here are some snippets I can remember.

Tall, lean silver birch, feathery fronds bending earthwards.

Sentinel trees, standing to attention.

Fields bounded by straight-clipped, gnarled hedgerows, bare of green except where rampant ivy climbs.

Snowdrops clump on the river bank, their bright white contrasting sludgy earth and grey, running water.

Now they are written down, perhaps I’ll get to use them somehow."

Unfortunately, not yet. But perhaps I will now I've come across this again.


Lin said...

I like the morning free-write. We call them Daily Papers here. I think some of my best material is "written" in my head during these writes or on a good long walk or bike ride. I hate winter when I'm physically cooped up inside and hardly any inspiration around.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Beautiful photo and I do my best "thinking and writing" during my walks. Even in Winter, though we do not have snow and freezing temperatures here, I am inspired and refreshed walking in nature.

ONE of THE GUYS said...

Nice descriptions!

Yes, I often carry paper and pencil with me. You never know when inspiration hits. Nothing like a walk to change the scene up and clear your mind.

Happy Holidays!

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