Saturday, 23 January 2010

100 Stories for Haiti

I took the scenic route to walk to the library this morning. It about doubles the length of the walk and takes me through the park and along the shore by the beach huts, before I head back to the main road and the library on the other side of it. It's the first time in weeks that I'v felt well enough to tackle this length of walk.

And it was inspirational as well, because when I got back to my computer, I had a great idea for how to adapt a short story of mine to make it fit the submission guidelines for the 100 stories for Haiti book:

• Do not exceed 1,000 words.
• No stories containing graphic violence, death or destruction.
• We want stories with a lot of HEART, a dash of COMPASSION, and unmeasurable amounts of HOPE. Stories that anyone can read. Stories that leave you feeling as though life really is worth living.

I got my story finished and submitted this afternoon, well before the deadline which is Monday Jan 25th. Of course I don’t know if it will be chosen if they have more than 100 submissions: just have to wait and see.

The stories are to be published as an e-book and sold on A paperback will also be published and sold by Unbound Press, and will be available online about a week after the release of the e-book. The proceeds will be donated to the red Cross Haiti appeal.

It occurred to me that some of you might be interested in taking part in this as well, although there is not much time left.

Anyway, you can find the details at this website.


Anonymous said...

I heard about this, but unfortunately I didn't have time to enter. Good luck Jean. Hope your story gets published.

fullet said...

It sounds like a very nice initiative, and it would be great to see your story in that book. I'll check out the site right now. Thanks for the link!

jakill said...

Thanks John. I just found time to adapt soemthing I'd already written. It may not actually be chosen. I think the original was stronger but it did contain some violence so I had to change the storyline.

jakill said...

And thank you fullet. I think it will be worth buying the book, whether or not my story is in. It's such a good cause.

Vera said...

That must have been a pretty productive walk with plenty of inspiration found along the way. congratulations :)

jakill said...

Thanks Vera. I have since discovered that there were around 400 submissions to the project. The editors will have quite a job choosing the ones to use.

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