Monday, 22 February 2010

The Bedroom

(Château de Versailles Queen's bed - Picture taken by deror avi on June 2005)

Catching up with The Writing Nag today, I took note of the prompt to write about “Bedrooms You have Known”. I’m not sure if I’ll end up doing that but it did get me thinking about the current bedroom that I share with my hubby.

When we moved here last summer, the first thing we did was put up some orange curtains we brought with us from the last house. They were about the only ones wide enough to fit the current bedroom window and give us some privacy, and they served their immediate purpose.

The trouble is they are still hanging there. And they aren’t a good match for my bed linen. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable about it. My bedroom is definitely not the relaxing space it should be.

Since we moved, we’ve had several lots of overnight visitors. So the priority was to spend the necessary time and money on getting the two spare bedrooms looking good and comfortable. Now the time and money is running short and we haven’t yet found the energy to finish off our own bedroom. I think I’ve decided it has to be done this month.

Thank you, Writing Nag.


Writing Nag said...

You're very welcome! We painted our bedroom last summer and moved the bed, the color is so very made a big difference.

Campbell Jane said...

The Queen's bedroom looks like a Queen's bedroom! I imagine it's even more stunning in person. I hate my drapes in my room but there is always another priority.

jakill said...

Cheers Writing Nag. I guess almost any colour is going to be more relaxing than orange for me.

jakill said...

Cheer Jane. I know the feeling. Hope you can get your drapes to the top of the list soemtime soon.

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