Sunday, 14 February 2010

MyLot and Swing Parks

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Changing the subject

Close to my house is a children's play park which the local council have recently upgraded, adding some more exciting things for them to do. There's even a flying fox like the one my granddaughter is enjoying in the picture. I was a bit sceptical at first because it meant doing away with a grassed area where they often gathered to play their versions of football and other games.

The new playground was launched after school was out today, and I sat in my office working for a while and listening to tannoyed announcements and excited children while trying to form words about a Wills and Probate service. Eventually I gave up and went out to witness what was going on.

The park was heaving with children, and every swing or climbing frame was occupied. I saw mothers with pushchairs chatting together while their older children enjoyed the amenities. An ice cream van was parked nearby and a council official in a bright yellow jacket headed its queue for refreshment.

I was mighty impressed. Nothing like that went on when my children were small. it was a real community gathering and it gladdened my heart.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

It's always so nice to have that community feel in parks and neighborhoods. Sometimes in big cities we lose sight of that sense of community.

jakill said...

You're right Jo. It can happen in smaller towns too over here.

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