Monday, 20 September 2010

Sciving by the Sea

Today was a gorgeous one for striding out in Hamworthy Park and I stole some time off from the computer. All the beach huts were locked well up, but I noted the usual dog walkers, plus a few mums and tots on the sand. And I found myself envying a woman who had tucked a folding chair into a corner of the wall and was sitting with her head in a book.

From the far end of a groin on the beach, I noticed some dots moving around between the boats far out in Poole harbour. At first I thought they were some brave swimmers, but as they came nearer I realised they were kayakers. We have a lot of them in the harbour and there are classes and clubs.

Reluctantly, after that twenty minute scive, I collected my car, completed my errands and returned to my office. I should be feeling rejuvenated, but actually I’m just wishing I was still out there.

Pic by Les Chatfield


Poetic Shutterbug said...

These are beautiful shots and how fun to be out there. Though having to get back to work is not fun.

Russ said...

I don't know how you got yourself to go back to work. There is nothing like just hanging at the Ocean.

jakill said...

Thanks Jo and Russ. I love having little interludes like that. It makes the work easier somehow, when I do go back.

Mel Cole said...

Wow, that sure is quite a height below. I like kayaking. :)

jakill said...

Thanks Mel. I haven't t ried kayaking. Think I would have enjoyed it when a bit younger.

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