Friday, 3 September 2010

Using Other People's Imagination

pic cropped from one by Eileen Henderson at Wikimedia Commons

A couple of days ago, I was driving with hubby to Blandford. As we crawled through the 30 mph villages on the way, we saw a man coming towards us on one of those four wheel buggies that farmers use nowadays in their fields, a bit like the one in the picture. The chap was grinning so broadly, it was infectious and we both found ourselves smiling along with him.

"He looks happy," I said unnecessarily.

"Yes," replied hubby. "He's just completed a sale of a whole bunch of sheep and cows. And he's going home to tell his missus she can now have that expensive new four wheel drive she's been hankering for."

We both laughed and I was struck by the thought that it could make the basis of a good story. Then I found my self ruminating on other times when hubby, who never writes things down, would think aloud about his fantasies.

I don't really need my own imagination when I can borrow his.

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